Floyd Mayweather Canelo Fight: Manny Pacquiao Trainer Freddie Roach Thinks Alvarez Has No Chance To Beat Pound For Pound King

Floyd Mayweather Jr. & Canelo Alvarez

He once did it for free, for nothing other than trophies and medals. Now, he’s the richest athlete in the world, with homes in Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Miami and enough cars to carry a couple of football teams. Yet, it’s never enough. “People say that he’s got a gift, and yes, he has great talent,” Ellerbe said. “But nobody has ever worked harder to try to make the most of that talent.


While they futilely flail, “Money” Mayweather uses his lighting quick hands to counterpunch them into oblivion. That said, Alvarez is the hardest-punching challenger Mayweather has encountered in a long time, and he is more than a brawler. Still, Roach thinks that he’s not up to snuff to break down Floyd. “Well you know [Alvarez is] a pretty good puncher and a tough guy,” Roach said.

They never had heroic musing in their mild and wild imagination but to do good to people. Floyd Mayweather Jr. craves to be considered great in the sport of boxing. But think about it. A true champion savors the fruit of his sacrifices to be deeply grateful and does not glory in what he has accomplished to feed an ego.


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